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The agil8 approach is to help you select, tailor, define and implement the best lean and agile approach for your own particular circumstances. What is right for one organisation or project is not necessarily right for another…

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Agil8 offers a wide range of Agile, Lean and Scrum training including accredited courses in Scrum (Certified ScrumMaster, Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Developer), Agile Project Management and Lean Kanban…

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Experts in Agile, Lean and Scrum

Relentless change and a never-ending drive for greater value mean you need to adapt, improve and deliver – without fail. If you stand still, you fall behind so successful adoption of modern Lean and Agile methods is not optional – it is essential.

Agil8 is a leading expert in Agile, Lean and Scrum – and everything involved in making them work. We help our customers employ Agile, Scrum and Lean based approaches to be the best at managing and delivering their software, projects, programmes and business change initiatives.

Meeting Your Needs

Maybe you are newly embarking on your Agile journey and need help understanding the fundamentals of an Agile way of working.

Maybe you are already involved in Agile project management or software development but need a leg up to take advantage of all that Agile offers.

Maybe you have already embedded Agile methods into your company across multiple sites and with multiple teams but are struggling with the change requirements of large scale Agile transformation.

Whatever your size, sector or situation, our flexible portfolio of consulting and agile project management training services offers solutions to meet your specific needs.

To Deliver Real World Value

The challenge of Lean and Agile is to make it work in the real world. Deep understanding of the ‘model’ approach is essential, but success with Lean and Agile only comes through years of experience of how to deal with real-world constraints whilst maximising agility. Workable plans to reduce and remove barriers are the essence of continuous improvement, and knowing how to manage the inevitable risks on the way is essential. This is the agil8 focus – delivery of real value, in the real world.