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  • Advanced Agile analysis: User Story Maps and Impact Mapping User Story Maps

    Can someone explain the concept of User Story Maps? And what is the relationship to User Stories and Tasks?This question was posted on our agil8 Community discussion page a while back, and I’ve had a few like it since, so thought it’s about time I posted on the subject. I’ve also added a link to an overview of Impact Mapping which is another useful technique for agile analysis.Let’s take the simplest question first – User Stories and Tasks. Tasks can be thought of as the pieces of work that an agile team has to do in order to deliver a User Story, whereas the User Story represents a feature that a User wants. User Story Mapping is a collaborative, visual technique that help us help us identify all the Stories that may be involved in a complete User Journey through our software system. A User Journey is the series of a steps that a user takes in order to accomplish something that they want to do using our software (e.g purchasing something, lodging a help request, contacting us, finding some information, creating something). By looking at the sequence of stories in a journey we are more likely to identify stories that […]

Agile Consulting

The term Agile originates from the Agile Manifesto of 2001, but the first agile approaches emerged in the 1990s with Scrum and XP. The agil8 approach brings expertise built over 20 years with these early agile methods right through to the latest developments such as Lean Kanban.

The agil8 approach is to help you select, tailor, define and implement the best lean and agile approach for your own particular circumstances. What is right for one organisation or project is not necessarily right for another. Whilst many of the challenges that different organisations face in implementing agile are often the same, the solutions to those challenges are, like the organisations themselves, always unique. Moreover, organisations and circumstances change so what is the best solution today is unlikely to be the best solution tomorrow. Above all else, the agil8 approach emphasises the important of continuous evolutionary improvement.

This kind of expertise only comes with years of experience. Lean and agile is fine in theory, but without a deep practical understanding of the different approaches and how to make them work in the real world their potential is very difficult to realise.

ourThe agil8 enablement approach can be applied at any scale from the individual team, departmental or enterprise level. It covers everything that you need to make your transition to Lean and Agile effective and successful including Initiation, Training and Education, Coaching, Reviews and Retrospectives, and Transformation Management.

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Scrum is the most popular agile method by far, and is usually at the heart of the approach adopted by agil8 clients. However, Scrum’s apparent simplicity raises challenges when attempting to map it onto a complex organisation, so the agil8 approach involves applying Scrum in the best possible way for each unique circumstance.

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SAFe™ – the Scaled Agile Framework® – is an increasingly popular approach for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. Initially outlined in several books by Dean Leffingwell, the approach draws upon and combines elements of Lean thinking, Agile development techniques and concepts of Product Development Flow.

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Kanban is an increasingly popular, Lean-based approach which uses large visual boards to promote continuous improvement and agility by pulling new work from the queue only when something else is finished, in order to create a continuous flow of delivery. As such it is particularly suitable for situations where Sprint planning is difficult.

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Agile Project Management (AgilePM) focuses on those elements of Agile that are specific to the Agile Project Manager. It is an Agile stablemate to PRINCE2 based on a subset of the DSDM Atern method. AgilePM works particularly well for those teams and organisations seeking an off-the-shelf standard approach for the integration of Agile with project governa…

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