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  • Agil8 wins Focus on Training Quality Award 2015 Agil8 wins Focus on Training Quality Award 2015

    We’re proud to announce that Agil8 has been selected as winners of the Focus on Training Quality Award 2015. Focus on Training surveys all of its delegates to help support/ensure the delivery of high levels of customer satisfaction. This results in a unique database that enables the benchmarking of performance of many training delivery specialists with analysis across a range of popular course categories. Agil8 achieved some of the highest scores of all providers consistently over a period of 2 years and has been awarded accordingly. FOCUS Business Development Director, Rex Gibson, identifies the common characteristics of the training partners who consistently gain the best feedback.  “It’s all about trainers with the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to inspire others. Trainers need practical real world experience. They also need to understand how to communicate in fresh and stimulating ways” Everyone here at agil8 would like to thank all our delegates for providing such great feedback. We pride ourselves on having some of the most inspiring and experienced Agile trainers around, and we’re very excited to be recognised in this way with Focus on Training’s Quality Award for 2015. Find out more about our high quality courses. See more at:

David Hicks


David Hicks The agil8 team is led by David Hicks. David is a Founder of the Agile Alliance and, with over 25 years experience in the field, he is one of the most qualified and experienced Agile consultants and trainers in the world. David’s journey into Agile began in 1987 through his MSc thesis on iterative development which was published by the British Computer Society. He started his career as an analyst-programmer, team leader and ultimately project manager with LBMS, the originators of the PRINCE and SSADM structured methods. David was responsible for defining LBMS’s first iterative SDLC and worked with a lot of the early large 4GLs and client-server applications doing iterative development. David became an independent consultant using the original DSDM Agile Project Management method in the mid 1990’s. In 1997 he was hired by British Airways to manage its implementation as the standard method across their 5,000-strong IT organisation. He managed this Programme for four years, leading him onto the Heathrow Terminal 5 project in 1998 which is where he first started using Scrum. During his career David has been responsible for some of the largest and most complex Agile implementations in the world and he has become a leading expert in the complete range of today’s Lean and Agile methods. He is a regular and popular speaker on the Lean and Agile conference circuit and holds the following Agile qualifications:

David is also an Institute of Directors (IOD) Certified Company Director with 15 years experience as an Executive Director in the IT Services sector. You can connect with David on LinkedIn here and via Twitter here.