About Us

Agil8 bring clarity and focus to the business of agile transformation. We cut through the hype to help our clients understand and successfully apply agile methods, to deliver projects, products and services that delight their customers. We do this through practical, results-focused training, consulting and coaching for teams, management and senior leadership.

Our Values

Our aim and approach is simple – to deliver real value in the real world

At agil8 we’re totally committed to practicing what we preach, and so naturally our own values are based on the principles of Agile.

Flexible and Customer Focused

Above all else, we pride ourselves on putting our customers’ interests first, delivering a friendly service that is totally flexible to the unique needs of our clients. From individuals to large companies, local to international, we listen carefully to our customers so that we can provide the best service possible.

Open and Honest

Whether it’s customers, suppliers or our own staff – we believe that, by creating a transparent environment that is open, honest and collaborative (as well as fun, of course!), we’re able to deliver a service that adds real value to our customers.

Practical and Impactful

We know that our clients aren’t interested in overly complicated approaches and phrases that sound great, but in reality bring them no closer to achieving their goals – and neither are we. That’s why our whole approach is based on practical experience with genuine impact and measurable results.

Experienced and Professional

We believe in being the best in everything that we do, continuously learning and improving our services. Agil8 consultants and trainers are amongst the most experienced in the industry and our back office team are all Agile Certified practitioners who utilise Agile techniques in their day-to-day work.

Agile approaches are much misunderstood and mis-applied. Simple agile principles are far from simple to implement in practice. Our award-winning consultants and trainers are the best in the business, with experience dating back to the early days of agile in the mid-1990s and a deep understanding of how to make it work successfully in the real world.

Our clients range from small lean start-ups to the largest multi-nationals, from individuals and individual teams to the largest departments and enterprise agile roll-outs. We work with organisations that need a more agile approach to digital, technology, software and systems development as well as applying our deep understanding of agile to less obvious areas as diverse as infrastructure, marketing and cancer care.

Above everything else, our primary focus is customer service. Every contact you have with agil8, every step of the way, is aimed at de-mystifying agile and meeting your needs with the very best advice and guidance we can give. This goes for everyone from the training administrator who takes your booking, to the consultant on site, from the trainer on your course to our CEO when he talks to your leadership team. It is our no-nonsense expertise and our passion and enthusiasm for agile and what it can deliver for you that sets agil8 apart.