Our Approach

There’s so much more to agil8’s training than just a certification badge. With experience dating back to the early days of Agile in the mid-1990s, our trainers and consultants have developed a deep understanding of the many flavours of Agile, and how to successfully apply them in the real world. The theory that underpins all of our training courses is supported by the trainers’ ability to draw upon their own real-world agile implementation experience, to provide unique advice and guidance that enables and empowers individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their goals.

This fluid approach to our training ensures that each delegate can directly relate what they are learning back to their own situation and job role – thus significantly improving their knowledge and competence in Agile. This translates to improved quality of product, improved value delivery and more predictable flow of work. Furthermore, the fun and engaging aspect of our courses ensure that all attendees leave the training with a genuine enthusiasm and confidence to apply what they have learnt, in to their working practices.

Increased time to competence and confidence

We believe that the agile learning journey does not begin and end with a single training workshop. The overall time it takes for any person to become competent or confident with the new knowledge gained from training can vary, and so we structure our training appropriately. This has created some amazing growth opportunities for our clients by developing skills over a longer period of time with evidence based learning and practical application of the learning.

We have supported many organisations and individuals with structured learning pathways, in the form of cohort-based academies, where groups of students learn together through a formal certified journey. Below is an example of a Scrum Master learning pathway, which takes individuals from entry level and develops them into competent and confident Agile Coaches. 

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) | Agil8Step 1: Certified

2 day training course

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM)Step 2: Advanced Certified

2 day training course, or
3 month workshop programme

Certified Scrum Professional for ScrumMasters (CSP-SM)Step 3: Certified Scrum
Professional – ScrumMaster

2 day training course, or
3 month workshop programme

Step 4: Certified Team

12 month workshop programme

The look and feel of our interactive training

Whether it’s face-to-face course delivery, or Live Online Training – agil8’s training classes are developed and delivered using an ‘interactive, learner-centric’ approach called ‘Training from the Back of the Room’. It uses a range of techniques based on the neuro-science of learning, to make the training highly engaging, constructive … and certainly not boring!

Each training course, and each topic within it, is designed and delivered interactively using ‘the 4 C’s’:



Concrete Practice


Delegates are set tasks that require them to connect and network with each other socially so that they feel comfortable to ask questions and learn, and also require them to connect the learning to their own personal work and their own experience so that it feels relevant to them.

Each new concept is explained in easy-to-understand terms with relevant example case-study stories.

Delegates then work together to perform a practical activity which puts the concept into concrete practice so that they learn by doing.

Finally delegates are set a task to summarise and conclude the learning so that it is fixed in their minds.