Rickard Jones


Agil8 Associate, Rickard Jones, is an experienced Agile Coach, Learning and Development Agile Trainer, Agile Program Lead, and one of the authors of the AgileHR Manifesto.

Before becoming an Agile program lead/coach/trainer, he has been a Java developer, programme manager, change manager, project manager, development manager, scrum master, infrastructure manager, and agile transformation lead. He is also an international conference speaker.

Despite an unhealthy obsession with learning (see below!), going on as many courses as possible to continue his journey of coaching, he believes nothing beats a culture of in-the-field experience. His experience crosses a wide range of organisations, but with a specialisation over the last 17 years in the Financial Services industry.


Rickard runs the Management 3.0 course and is also a Founder and Co-organiser of the Scrum Alliance endorsed MeetUp, Scrum Event. Rickard holds the following Agile Certifications: 

  • CAL1 – Certified Agile Leadership
  • CSP – Certified Scrum Professional
  • CLP – Certified LeSS Practitioner
  • ICP-ACC – Certified Professional in Agile Coaching
  • SPC4 – Certified SAFe Program Consultant

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