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  • Acquiring SEUs for CSP – and Agile Workshop Facilitation

    Many of our past students express an interest in the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) qualification, and so recently we sent an email to them all providing  further information about requirements – some useful reference information in order to help them  acquire those illusive 70 Scrum Education Units (SEUs)  and  support  their  CSP application. A copy of the email is shared below. We  will  follow up this first email, in a series, with supplementary emails with additional advice so do get in touch if  you would like to be added to the mailing list (enquiries@agil8.com). We would  also like to recommend one of our upcoming courses which is eligible for Category B SEUs. Our Agile Workshop Facilitation course, taking place on 25-26 April, is one of two Scrum Alliance-approved Advanced Agile courses (the other being the Agile Analysis and Story Writing course) and, our April course coming up will be the last taught by our wonderfully experienced Agile trainer, coach and facilitator, Julia Godwin. We’ve worked with Julia for over 20 years now and she is a passionate Agilist with a wealth of experience. She will be retiring this year and so her course later this month will be her last […]

About Agil8

Agil8 was formed by David Hicks, a pioneer of Agile since the mid-1990s, an Agile Alliance Founder and one of the world’s most experienced and qualified Agile consultants and trainers. Agil8 draws on experience of working with organisations across all industry sectors over many years, and the management and delivery of some of the world’s largest and most complex Agile implementations.Agile Logo 4c Founder It is our experience that whilst the challenges faced by our customers are often similar, the best solution for the challenge depends entirely upon the real-world circumstances. What is best for one situation is not necessarily best for another. For this reason Agil8 has always sought to provide the best advice and solutions no matter where they come from. Today Agil8 is the only company in the world with independently accredited services in  all  of the leading Lean and Agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Agile Project Management. This provides Agil8 and our customers with the best possible choice of the best possible solutions and services.

Our Solutions and Services

The Agil8 consulting and training portfolio is one of the most comprehensive available, and is flexible to meet the needs of teams and organisations large and small. Off the shelf offerings for everything from Agile Strategy to Certified Scrum Training, from Kanban coaching to Agile Healthchecks can be tailored into targeted packages .

Real World Agile

The challenge of Agile is to make it work in the real world. “Ideal world” Agile is just that – an ideal. It is important to understand why the ideal model is worth striving for, but success with Agile only comes through knowing how to deal with real-world constraints whilst maximising agility. Workable plans to reduce and remove these constraints are the essence of continuous improvement, and knowing how to manage the inevitable risks on the way is essential. This is the Agil8 focus – delivery of real value, in the real world.