Feedback from our agile training course attendees is very important to us. We use it to ensure continuous improvement of our training delivery – and are always appreciative of the many positive recommendations that we receive. Please find a sample of that feedback below. If you have attended a course and would like your testimonial included too, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Extremely insightful and gave reason for some of the methodologies I was taught in the past. Motivated me to look at how I can begin using scrum and agile.

Tim MustafaCSM course with Karim Harbott

Good, fun and very informative. Dave is excellent at getting people to participate.

Sandra WaymanLexisNexisCSM course with David Hicks

One of the best course facilitators I’ve experienced.  The fact that David also knew about code was a definite advantage.  There was so much more to learn and at times I wanted to go faster – but I think David judged it just right to take along the whole group.  Excellent job!

Howard PerkinsManaging DirectorKyria LtdAgile and Scrum Awareness with David Putman

Really enjoyed it – Best course I have been on in a long time, thanks!

Karen AolCSM course with David Hicks

I really enjoyed the course, very interesting and I feel like I have learnt a lot. David was great!

Harriet HandleyOnline Content AdministratorThe Freeman CompanyCSM course with David Hicks

Absolutely loved Dave’s approach. He brought the material to life, it was excellent.

James Miller CSM course with David Hicks

A great course of real value – practical, realistic and fun!

Steve JollyCSM course with David Hicks

David was very enthusiastic and engaging throughout the course, illustrating his knowledge using real life examples.

Padraig McLarnonBusiness AnalystCSPO course with David Hicks

A fantastic course, perfect for someone starting out on their Scrum journey like me.

Vicki KeenanProduct ManagerDunnhumbyCSPO course with David Hicks

Well organised course with vital information of product owner.  The course was delivered well by Karim, he kept the group engaged throughout the course and made it interesting with group exercises.

Ravi Karia CSPO course with Karim Harbott

Karim delivered an engaging and practical course that has crystallised many things I partially knew, and shown me loads of ways that I can improve both myself and my role.  I thought the course was fab.  Probably the best training course I have done.  Thank you!

Hannah SmithCSPO course with Karim Harbott

Thank you David, This is a fantastic course and exactly what we needed. I will be in touch to let you know how I got on.

Claire MartinHead of OperationsJellyfish CoNNectAgile and Scrum Awareness with David Putman

Really enjoyed Dave’s delivery of the course, excellent.

Robert StumpHead of Client DeliveryFINkitCSM course with David Hicks

Loved it! I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learnt when I’m back at work.

Ramona SaigolProduct ManagerSofar SoundsCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

Shaun is an excellent trainer, knowledgable and clearly able to convey concepts to others at different levels of understanding & experience. A credit to agil8

AnonymousScrumMaster Training with Shaun Smith

Scrum de-mystified and brought to life from the perspective of Product Owners – drawing from real experiences, best & worst practices … and a healthy dollop of humour. Invaluable! Thank you.

Neil Westlake-GuyDirector of DigitalHomeserveCSPO course with David Hicks

Dave made the course engaging and practical – there are several things I can do immediately I get back to the office

Michael SpraggCSM course with David Hicks

Really, really good. Exactly what I needed!

Christopher WaiteTechnical DirectorInfotexCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

Very good course, delivered professionally. I will recommend!

Bill MorganBill Morgan LtdCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

David’s reputation as an excellent trainer is well deserved! The most informative course I have attended

Rupert ReaderDLA Piper UK LLPScrumMaster Training with David Putman

Entertaining, engaging, knowledgable trainer. Would book another one of Davids courses!

Emran ChoudhuryE I C Consultants LtdCSPO course with David Hicks

As a complete beginner I wasn’t sure what to expect but Dave was a great informative teacher that clearly explained the whole Scrum process, from start to finish, and used practical exercises to really help to understand. Definitely recommend for all levels

Jessica SharpAtelier StudiosCSM course with David Hicks

Thank you very much to Donna for her time on the phone a couple of weeks ago to advise on the ScrumMaster course. I very much enjoyed the course and I think the mindset and approach to Agile will benefit me going forward. Lots to think about. David was very good at explaining the content and definitely helped me pass the certificate. So thank you both, and I hope to see you again.

Richard StoweyCSM course with David Hicks

The recent user story course I’ve just completed was comprehensive, well planned and expertly delivered. David Putman is a very affable, knowledgeable and capable instructor

Mark DarbyshireMJD Management Services LtdAgile Analysis and Story Writing with David Putman

Valuable experience, looking forward to putting it into practice!

Nadia KellasEE LimitedScrum Product Owner Training with Shaun Smith

Very good – learnt a lot! :).

Phillip ParkerMetis PM LtdSAFe Agilist with Shaun Smith

Shaun’s experience and knowledge made the course, which exceeded expectations

Steve ClarkeLandmark Information GroupScrumMaster Training with Shaun Smith

Brilliant course, David was a very insightful trainer. This will really help me in my job role

Jessica DeakinTrainee Product OwnerUCASCSPO course with David Hicks

I wanted to thank Julia for the inspiring course last week. As I told her I’ve been a teacher for 10 years and was looking to combine those skills with facilitating. The course helped me to revive my creativity and look further than project management. I’ve enjoyed the course very much – too bad Julia doesn’t do a follow up

Maarten VerreckVsolutionsAgile Workshop Facilitation with Julia Godwin

Another great course from agil8 – it filled a knowledge gap that I’ve had for years!

James MarshallEurocampCertified Scrum Developer with David Putman

Thank you so much! Also, thanks to Donna for her very helpful and clear advice when I was looking at course options.

Rosamond EarpCSPO course with Sallyann Freudenberg

I am an Agile Coach by trade. However I want to talk about my recent experience taking the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) course with Agil8. Hopefully providing insight to others who may wish to take the CSD in the future.

After many years doing a hands-off Scrum Master and Agile Coach role my technical nature got the better of me and I moved into a more Technical Delivery role. Despite the Business often courting me to cross-over as a Product Owner, I never relented. It was good to be back in the depths of the techie world. But I had a problem; while I have always kept up-to-date on technology, the practical side hadn’t been battle-tested for a while. I needed to get back in the trenches. How to solve this?

The CSD I believed provided my answer and so it came to be. In the past I did my CSM and CSPO with David Hicks. Therefore it was only natural that I choose Agil8 to deliver the Agile Software Development (Certified Scrum Developer) course.

The first issue I hit was that the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) (aka Agile Software Development) course is not readily available like the other Scrum courses. So, finding a course was hard. Then it got harder.

Most of the CSD courses have a requirement to know GIT (no issue for me), bring your own laptop and code in C#. Now if we are all honest most developers sit on either the C# or Java side of the fence. I am a Java developer so, this became the next problem. In reality you’re looking at either CSD C# or CSD Java. Where to find the Java version in the UK? It became quite hard and I even searched abroad for a Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) course.

Luckily one company in the UK, Agil8, do have a CSD Java variant that they run now and again. That’s the one I went on. Later on the course all the students remarked that they had the same tough experience searching for the Java version. Which seemed to surprise the course instructor David Putman.

As is well known, it is a 3-day course and most of this was spent coding practicals on the laptop, as well as going over the XP concepts. Amongst the practicals, Agil8 taught the theory behind many of the well-known XP practices on the course such as: Acceptance Testing, User Stories, TDD, Red-Green Bar test patterns, Test First development, pair-programming, PARTI, Test Frameworks, SOLID, Agile Architecture, Agile Modelling, Refactoring, Code Smells, Mocks, Continuous Integration and more. This was delivered by referencing a hard-copy ring-bound presentation of over 100 slides. A lot gets done in those three days!

On the last day there was a short test. It had 50 multiple choice questions and 45 minutes to complete them. I managed to pass with a 96% pass rate, only getting two questions wrong. I would say it is slightly harder than the CSM, but you can run out of time if you’re not careful. The course provided what I needed. A refresher on good developer practice within a Scrum team.

“For me it was money well spent and Agil8 delivered the quality training I needed.”

This is not a course for the non-coder though. I recommend that only people who like developing should go on this course as it is heavy on practicals.

Another useful side note is that this provides 24 points towards the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) qualification. What many may not realise is that this massively helps with earning CSP Scrum Education Units (SEUs)- with 70 needed to receive the certification – and a further 40 needed to renew certification. Thus, for those working towards CSP, investing in the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) course is worth it so that you don’t just earn the CSD badge, but potentially are well on the way to CSP too. Thanks Agil8.

Rickard JonesAgile CoachCertified Scrum Developer with David Putman

Excellent course, David is a fantastic facilitator. It was the best course I have been on for 20 years – his style/delivery were spot on with full group engagement all the way through – and nothing fazed him question wise – the step by step build up of knowledge worked well. I have seen many trainers over the years and he absolutely hit the mark for us. He managed to successfully gain answers to all of the questions I came with and lots of extra depth and insights over and above that. Thank you.

Pete WatsonMajor UK RetailerCSM course with David Hicks

Loved being trained by someone with such a great depth of experience!

George FraserRoyal Bank of Scotland PLCCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

Course was engaging and fun. Dave has a great relaxed style and his knowledge is second to none. He managed to convince a skeptical team of hardened waterfall delivery people to appreciate the value of Agile/Scrum methodology, and even how we could start to incorporate in our work.

Zane BowenEE LimitedCSM course with David Hicks

Sal’s open and honest presentation style was immensely engaging, and she ran day 2 perfectly despite illness. Amazing. Thanks!

Adam TarrySpecsavers Optical GroupCSPO course with Sallyann Freudenberg

David is a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor. 5 stars!

Abhishek MankarNTT Data UK LtdScrumMaster Training with David Putman

This course is excellent, and really helped to dispel myths/misconceptions I had. I feel confident I can run an Agile project now.

James BallJellyfish LtdCSM course with David Hicks

Jules was a wonderful open, knowledgable & friendly trainer – 2 days very practical and enjoyable.

Faith VealeEDF EnergyAgile Workshop Facilitation with Julia Godwin

Having been a Product Owner for 12 months, the crystallization of knowledge and new ideas makes me far more confident in taking a more active role as Scrum Product Owner. Highly recommended!

Simon EnglandFairFXCSPO course with David Hicks

Honestly exceeded expectations. Learnt some great little tips and pragmatism in the way the course was taught.

Sufiyan PatelIBM Global Business ServicesCSM course with David Hicks

Really useful course. David explained why each element of Scrum matters. I now feel I can share that with my team. Thanks!

Jason CliffordThe Net-A-Porter Group LimitedCSM course with David Hicks

Sally is brilliant – great theory, knowledge and content (stories)! Keep in touch!

Sophie WatkinsScrum MasterHoliday ExtrasCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

Excellent and thoroughly enjoyed – Karim is an amazing trainer!

Clint GoldingWebsite & Digital Development ManagerCystic Fibrosis TrustCSPO course with Karim Harbott

Superb, well-paced & empowering course on developing effective User Stories.

Ian FinnDirectorNext Level MarketingAgile Analysis and Story Writing with David Putman

Excellent, surpassed all expectations!

Sophie OttawayOttaway Media LtdCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

Good mix of attendees from various companies and with varying degrees of experience. All were open and willing to share their knowledge and experience with me as an Agile novice.

Steven JamiesonRoyal Bank of Scotland plcCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

I’ve been doing Scrum for quite a few years but I still learned a lot, that is directly and immediately applicable.

Olly OechsleStratified MedicalAgile Analysis and Story Writing with David Putman

Great course. David was able to provide real tangible examples which really brought to life the course material. Very comprehensive and engaging!

Laura AskewDeloitte DigitalCSM course with David Hicks

Dave is an awesome facilitator. I got exactly what I wanted from the course and more. He was able to demonstrate how Scrum would work in any environment. Highly recommend. 10/10!

Richard GordonOdessa Solutions LimitedCSM course with David Hicks

Excellent course, well presented and provided very good insights – brought the way to deal with user stories to life.

John WatersCDSAgile Analysis and Story Writing with David Putman

In an industry where Agile is most likely hybrid, it’s great to see and understand the core values and process of scrum. Totally invaluable training to gain the best benefits of scrum in the business world.

James MarstonInterfloraCSPO course with David Hicks

It was a great 2 days and lots has been learnt. I’m looking forward to put this new knowledge into practice. Thank you.

Jessica ChandlerTelefonica UK LimitedAgile Analysis and Story Writing with David Putman

I have really enjoyed the course and David is a very engaging trainer. I found it extremely useful and have learnt a lot to apply back to my role and duties.

Aman VarmaTelefonica UK LimitedAgile Analysis and Story Writing with David Putman

David is an outstanding trainer in delivering Scrum concepts.

Pankaj PathakHSBCCSM course with David Hicks

Best course I’ve ever done – its given real insight and ideas that will yield immediate benefits. Sally was fantastic!

James MarshallDigital Development ManagerEurocampCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

Fantastic course – a great balance between course material, practical tasks and encouraging teamwork and communication.

Alan MarshallPA Group LimitedScrum Product Owner Training with Shaun Smith

Brilliant course that I will definitely recommend to colleagues.

Maddie ArmitageEE LimitedAgile Analysis and Story Writing with David Putman

Sallyann is an excellent trainer – really engaging! Great interaction across all people in the room.

Kathy LeeShell International Petroleum Company LimitedCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

Dave has excellent knowledge of the subject coupled with great delivery of the course material.

Kim WellsSwansea UniversityCSPO course with David Hicks

Dave was professional, humorous and kept the course alive. I would gladly recommend him to anyone!

Agnes Pihaj-MagyarWorld FirstCSM course with David Hicks

Karim as a trainer was absolutely superb. Happy to help with questions about CSPO and about other issues that we have experienced in our organisation – genuinely happy to help all. The venue too was great and everything went off without a hitch.

James GallagherDevelopment Team LeadWorld FirstCSPO course with Karim Harbott

David is a great trainer and takes the time to listen and answer additional questions. He also contextualises theory with real world examples in a concise manner.

Anthony MarriageCSPO course with David Hicks

It gave me a real opportunity to validate things I do. Great guy – Fab Course. Thanks Dave!

Natalie HodgsonScrum MasterZen InternetCSM course with David Hicks

This has been the most valuable two days of training I’ve ever had. I will recommend this course widely.

Steve HarperMediaradicalCSPO course with David Hicks

The trainer’s breadth of knowledge and extensive real life experience set this course apart, as did his presentation style.

Lesley SharpeBusiness Analyst/Project ManagerCSM course with David Hicks

David Hicks is a great trainer who delivered a very interactive course. I now feel better equipped to go out and start putting what I have learnt into practice. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and would highly recommend him as a trainer.

Victoria Smith, Project Manager,Next Plc.CSM course with David Hicks

Another great course. Great complement to the CSM Course. Enough overlap to help me refresh plus good insight and focus on different areas and perspective.

Zoe O'TooleTooles Consulting LimitedCSPO course with David Hicks

I have attended what seems like hundreds of training courses over the years. This was one of the best in terms of pace, content, practical hands on & expertise. Very enjoyable.

Kerry HowardCSM course with David Hicks

Excellent pace while still remaining fun and relaxed. Great level of knowledge shown by the trainer.

Russell PyneProject ManagerParmenionCSM course with Sallyann Freudenberg

This is an excellent course that everyone should go on regardless of age, experience and industry.

Moray BuschNorth Highland UK LtdCSM course with David Hicks

First step back in education, and such a fantastic positive experience.

Michael RowenRural Payments AgencyCSM course with David Hicks

Loved this course! Great real world application of the concepts. Excellent course material! Highly recommended!

Justin ReynaAgile CoachTransamericaCSPO course with David Hicks

I thought the pace, time and content of the course were spot on. Enjoyable and enlightening. Very impressed!

Luke SurryDigital ManagerBritish Heart FoundationCSPO course with David Hicks

Excellent trainer with many year’s real world experience, worth choosing David!

Adam KnightSenior Project ManagerAKQA GmbHCSM course with David Hicks

I’ve been on other Agile training courses at my company with an Agile Coach, at Oxford University as part of my MSc and I have to say that Dave’s course has been excellent.

Miguel GonzalezSoftware DeveloperGamesysCSM course with David Hicks

The best course I have been to by a mile. The delivery was state of the art and it was very interactive. I will highly recommend this to anybody who is into software PM.

Olamide BadmusFreelance Business Analyst/Project Manager in CRM & E-CommerceCSM course with David Hicks

David’s training style provides a fantastic mix of lecture, discussion, questioning, practicals and fun techniques which keeps everybody alert and interested throughout 2 days.

Rick DonohoeTechnical Project ManagerMicroserveCSM course with David Hicks

David made this a very engaging and informative two days. I would certainly recommend him to anyone wising to undertake this course.

Ehtsham MalikSenior Business AnalystCSPO course with David Hicks

Dave is a first class trainer with excellent knowledge and his ability to impart that information is an art form!

Keith WilsonScrumMasterTravis PerkinsCSM course with David Hicks

A fantastic two days with genuine value that has set our team on a path to improve the way we deliver products.

Robert HollandsDigital DirectorSchawkCSM course with David Hicks

David Hicks – highly recommended, great course, plenty of practical examples.

Mark JonesDirectorBlack Mountains Consulting LtdCSM course with David Hicks

This was a very useful course. I was already familiar with the content but David’s explanations and real life stories have really helped me to understand how to apply Scrum to my project.

Tim JohnsonProject ManagerSCISYSCSM course with David Hicks

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