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Kanban Training

Certified Kanban Training

As well as being a popular term for the big visible wall charts and boards that Agile teams use, Kanban (literally translated from Japanese as ‘visual card’ or ‘sign’) is also the name of an evolving, and increasingly popular Lean Agile method in its own right.

However, the method is neither a development process nor a management framework. Rather it is a method for gradual evolutionary change driven by ‘pull systems’. Instead of planning what work will be done in advance, a limit is placed on work-in-progress based on capacity. New work is pulled from the queue only when something is finished – Just-in-Time – in order to create a continuous flow of delivery.

Our suite of fully certified Kanban courses are available from foundation level, all the way up to advanced, each aimed at taking your skills, knowledge and understanding of Kanban to the next level.

Kanban Training