COVID-19 NOTICE: Pursuant to the UK government’s advisory, agil8 must cancel all current in-person courses. For further information please see here. Please note this does not impact agil8’s Live Online Training courses.


Live Online Training

To overcome the challenges currently associated with attending in-person training, many certifying bodies (including the Scrum Alliance, and the Scaled Agile Framework) have recently enabled remote online training, for a limited period of time.

Therefore, to allow individuals to continue to undertake Agile and Scrum training, agil8 have adapted the delivery of our primary courses into an online learning experience. Utilising video and online collaboration tools, we’re able to emulate the team-working nature of our training within a virtual environment – providing an exciting alternative to in-person training.

As ever, we remain committed to responding to change, and adapting to the needs of our delegates. As such, our provision of Live Online Training ensures that individuals can undertake certified training from their home, place of work or any other remote location.

Live Online Training – Available Courses

How are Live Online Training courses delivered?

Our online courses are delivered by highly experienced Agile practitioners (via live video feed), and underpinned by interactive group activities.

Utilising Training from the Back of the Room techniques – attendees will work as part of small teams within virtual breakout rooms, and enjoy live collaboration throughout various training exercises.

What will I need to attend Live Online Training?

Attending an online course is simple – all you need is a PC / Laptop with audio, video and microphone functionality, and of course a fast and secure internet connection. 

Will I gain the same course certification via Live Online Training?

Yes, many of the certifying bodies (including the Scrum Alliance, and the Scaled Agile Framework) have recently enabled remote training.

Therefore, if you are attending a certified online course (ie Certified ScrumMaster, Certified SAFe Agilist: Leading SAFe 5.0) then you will obtain the same certification as the respective in-person training. Please note that where applicable, delegates will still need to successfully pass the same post-course examination to gain the relevant certification.

Who are Live Online Training courses taught by?

The very same, highly experienced, trainers that deliver our in-person courses. Each trainer has 10-20 years of Agile experience, having spent many years helping others introduce, develop and embed Agile practices, and process improvements, within their organisations.

Our trainers have substantial knowledge about what works in the real world and how to overcome specific challenges.