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Certified Scrum Developer - Technical Scrum TrainingRickard Jones shares his experience of Agil8’s Certified Scrum Developer course, and highlights how he feels it has really benefited him in his Agile journey.

I am an Agile Coach by trade. However, I want to talk about my recent experience of taking the  Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) course with Agil8. Hopefully providing insight to others who may wish to take the CSD in the future.

“My technical nature got the better of me”

After many years doing a hands-off Scrum Master and Agile Coach role, my technical nature got the better of me and I moved into a more Technical Delivery role. Despite the Business often courting me to cross-over as a Product Owner, I never relented. It was good to be back in the depths of the techie world. But I had a problem; while I have always kept up-to-date on technology, the practical side hadn’t been battle-tested for a while. I needed to get back in the trenches. How to solve this? The CSD I believed provided my answer, and so it came to be.

“Agil8 are one company in the UK that do offer this course”

The first issue I hit was that the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) (aka Agile Software Development) course is not readily available like the other Scrum courses. So, finding a course was hard. However, Agil8 are one company in the UK that do offer this course.

In the past, I completed my CSM and CSPO with David Hicks (CEO of Agil8). Therefore, it was only natural that I chose Agil8 to deliver the Agile Software Development (Certified Scrum Developer) course.

Agil8 taught the theory behind many of the well-known XP (Extreme Programming) practices on the course such as: Acceptance Testing, User Stories, TDD, Red-Green Bar test patterns, Test First development, pair-programming, PARTI, Test Frameworks, SOLID, Agile Architecture, Agile Modelling, Refactoring, Code Smells, Mocks, Continuous Integration and more. This was delivered by referencing a hard-copy ring-bound presentation of over 100 slides. A lot gets done in those three days!

On the last day there was a short test. It had 50 multiple choice questions and 45 minutes to complete them. I managed to pass with a 96% pass rate, only getting two questions wrong. I would say it is slightly harder than the Certified ScrumMaster, but you can run out of time if you’re not careful. The course provided what I needed. A refresher on good developer practice within a Scrum team.

“Agil8 delivered the quality training I needed”

Another useful side note is that this provides 24 points towards the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) qualification. What many may not realise is that this massively helps with earning CSP Scrum Education Units (SEUs) – with 70 needed to receive the certification – and a further 40 needed to renew certification. Thus, for those working towards CSP, investing in the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) course is worth it so that you don’t just earn the CSD badge, but potentially are well on the way to CSP too.

For me it was money well spent and Agil8 delivered the quality training I needed. Thanks Agil8.

Rickard Jones – Agile Coach
Certified Scrum Developer with David Putman

Join us for one of our upcoming Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) courses:
The CSD course is certified by the Scrum Alliance and will be run on either Java or .Net stack. Due to it’s hands-on nature, we think it’s very important to present the course in a single technology, to provide attendees with the opportunity to interact with other users of the technology and to allow us to delve into the detail of the specific tooling for the platform (e.g. Cucumber, JUnit. / Specflow, NUnit.).

Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)