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Becoming a Certified ScrumMaster boosted my career | Agil8Having completed agil8’s Certified ScrumMaster course with David Hicks – Anthony Gavina shares his reasons and motivations for attending the course, as well as how it is now helping him to achieve his goals.

“As a Senior Project Manager by trade, the use of Agile techniques and practices have been common place throughout my career. Monthly Sprints, frequent releases and maintaining a sustainable development rhythm are amongst some of the Agile methodologies used. However, from my experience I have typically seen a hybrid approach of Agile mixed with Waterfall. Looking at my career, I’ve always strived to widen my skills, and as a result I finally decided to formalise my knowledge and understanding of Agile Methodologies.

“Shifting away from the traditional Project Management role”

My main background is managing teams of Project/Programme Managers, but I can see now that the market is shifting away from the traditional Project Management role, and instead moving towards more Agile specific roles (such as ScrumMaster).

With this in mind, I decided to pursue a formal Agile certification and began contacting a number of Agile training providers to explore my options. After speaking in detail with agil8, I decided to attend the Certified ScrumMaster course delivered by the highly recommended David Hicks.

I was both surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of time, care and effort that agil8 provided me, including a lengthy phone call with agil8 to discuss my current situation, experience and future goals, before advising on the best course I should take.

“Expertise, knowledge and real-world practical examples”

Although my primary objective for attending the course was to obtain the Scrum certification, I was also keen to absorb as much of the course content and knowledge as possible, and refresh my knowledge in this area.

Within the first hour alone, it was abundantly clear that David Hicks’ approach provided so much more than ‘just enough’ information to pass the exam. He delivered the course perfectly with an excellent combination of expertise, knowledge and real-world practical examples, all delivered in such an interactive and engaging way. So much so that I genuinely couldn’t wait to attend the second day.

I learnt a huge amount over the 2 days and quickly realised that it would have been hugely beneficial for me, if I had completed this course earlier in my career – I can think of specific examples in previous projects where the knowledge that I gained during the CSM would have genuinely made my life easier.

“I’ve experienced far more interest from recruiters – around 30% more”

Despite having over 12 years’ experience of Agile projects under my belt, as well as holding Project Management positions at Microsoft and BBC Worldwide, I found that recruiters with whom I had spoken with were specifically looking for formal Agile certification on top of my many years of experience – which was another reason why I took the course.

Since adding agil8’s Certified ScrumMaster to my CV, I’ve experienced far more interest from recruiters- around 30% more. I believe the certification gives recruiters and hiring managers peace of mind to then look at experience in the field, and how well a candidate would fit into the new teams. I have noticed the same in my LinkedIn profile, where I am now contacted more than before I included the certification.

I am convinced that attending this course was an excellent choice for me, and I’m looking forward to new adventures, and continuing to thrive in an Agile world, as a practitioner but also as evangelist.”

Anthony Gavina – Head of Project / Programme Management
Certified ScrumMaster course with David Hicks

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