2e1ax_default_entry_LKU-Accredited-Kanban-Training-badge-rectangular-dgrey-300dpi_LAgil8 is pleased to an announce a new 2-day training course – Real Kanban – accredited by the Lean Kanban University (LKU) and delivered by agil8 in partnership with RippleRock. This will be the first LKU-accredited 2-day Kanban training to be offered by a UK provider and special introductory offers are available for the first course, which will run in London on 19-20th November.

The ‘Kanban board’ is a popular term for the big visible wall charts and boards that Agile teams use. However, Kanban is also the name of a complete and increasingly popular Lean Agile method. Kanban is a method for evolutionary improvement of systems driven by Lean principles, like pull and flow. Instead of planning what work will be done in advance, a limit is placed on work-in-progress. The team ‘pulls’ new work from the queue only when the previous task is finished – Just-in-Time – in order to create a continuous flow of delivery. This is an easy way to identify bottlenecks and other systemic inefficiencies.

Kanban is commonly used by teams which find it difficult or impossible to plan effectively due unpredictable incoming work, such as maintenance and support teams It is also used by advanced Agile teams who find the fixed cycles of Scrum and similar approaches too restrictive. It is also increasingly by organisations of all kinds who prefer evolutionary improvement over revolutionary change to an Agile approach.

David Hicks of agil8 will be training this course with Dan Brown of Ripplerock. David is an Agile Alliance Founder and the only person in the world accredited to trainer level for both Kanban and Scrum. As well as being an LKU accredited trainer, Dan is also a Certified Scrum Professional. Between them David and Dan have over thirty years’ experience of Lean and Agile methods and are able to give a unique practical perspective on how to be successful with ‘Real Kanban’.