There may have been some initial hesitancy around attending online courses. Agile training, after all, is so well known for being engaging and interactive, that perhaps a touch of skepticism was understandable.

However, since the very first steps that we took when developing our Live Online Training courses – our sole aim has been to ensure that attendees continue to enjoy that same fun and engaging experience that they would expect from our face-to-face training.

So taking into account some of the common mis-conceptions and outdated perceptions of online courses, here’s just a few examples of how agil8’s Live Online Training is well and truly putting those myths to bed.

πŸ€” Myth: Online courses provide no opportunity for practical training exercises.

πŸ˜€ Reality: Delegates undertake all of the same practical exercises online, that they would normally enjoy in a face to face class. Our trainers guide attendees through the course content, while the Live Virtual Classroom empowers them to learn – by doing.

“agil8 and trainer, David Hicks, made the whole experience of learning on the Certified ScrumMaster course a joy. It was serious fun with lots of ‘hands-on’ exercises. Almost felt as though we were altogether in a real classroom.”
Kimberley Turner-Lashmar
Certified ScrumMaster – Online

πŸ€” Myth: Online students are unable to interact with, or ask questions of, the trainer.

πŸ˜€ Reality: There is plenty of opportunity for Q&As and group discussions throughout the course, and attendees are actively encouraged to ask questions as and when they arise. The trainer also remains online following the course for further questions and discussion.

“The course was a great mix of group workshops and Scrum theoretical over the 2 days. The content platform worked well for remote learners and trainer David was always happy to field questions regarding the course content’s application in the business world.”
Graham Shopland
Certified ScrumMaster – Online

πŸ€” Myth: Online courses offer no interaction or collaboration with fellow students.

πŸ˜€ Reality: Used alongside Zoom, our totally unique and bespoke Live Virtual Classroom enables delegates to work in small teams within online breakout rooms, and enjoy live collaboration on all training exercises and practical activities.

“Virtual courses are here to stay. Excellent use of technology meant true collaboration and learning were possible – facilitated by course leaders who knew their topics from many years of real-world experience.”
Hugh Newsman
SAFe Agilist: Leading SAFe 5.0 – Online

πŸ€” Myth: Online training courses don’t provide the same certifications.

πŸ˜€ Reality: Many certifying bodies (inc the Scrum Alliance, and Scaled Agile Inc) have enabled remote online training. Therefore, when attending a certified online course (eg Certified ScrumMaster) you will obtain the same certification as the respective in-person training.

“The online delivery of this course was about as close to real life classroom delivery as I’ve experienced. Materials and tools were good quality, clear and concise. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable giving lots of real-world examples.”
Catrina Rusher
Certified Scrum Product Owner – Online

Live Online Training – Upcoming Course Dates

Our online courses are available on both our public schedule, and as private classes delivered directly to individual companies. To view all of our upcoming public Live Online Training course dates simply click here, or for more information about private online classes for your company – please contact the agil8 team on 0207 796 9903 / and we’ll be happy to help.