Becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner is only the first step in an ongoing journey of learning and growth. Undertaking continual self-development is crucial to being able to maintain and enhance your abilities as a high performing Scrum practitioner.

Earning Scrum Education Units (SEUs), and keeping your Scrum Alliance certification active, provides a clear path to achieve this – providing the little nudge that we often need to ensure that we stay up to date as a professional agilist with the highest standards. (Note: CSPO certifications must be renewed every 2 years, with a $200 renewal fee and by earning at least 20 Scrum Education Units).

What are SEUs, and how can I earn them?

Maintaining your Scrum Alliance Certification is a great way to ensure that you continue to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding of all things Scrum related. The certification renewal process requires you to complete a certain amount of personal development activities in order to earn the required number of Scum Education Units (the CSPO Certification requires a minimum of 20 SEUs).

Each hour that you spend learning and developing on scrum related knowledge will earn you 1 SEU. There are many methods and mediums that you can undertake to progress your personal development in Scrum further, such as reading articles and books, attending events (either online or in-person), undertaking further training and even volunteering.

To help you, the Scrum Alliance have created a fantastic SEU toolkit specifically for Product Owners. This has been created to provide you with everything you’ll need to continually improve and enhance your learning and knowledge of Scrum – and of course earn those all-important SEUs.

You can view the collection of SEU resources for CSPO here: Scrum Alliance – SEU Toolkit for Product Owners

How can I register my SEUs?

Once you’ve earned your SEUs, it’s very simple to register them within your Scrum Alliance account. The best thing to do is to register each SEU as you go, however you can also submit previous experiences and activities – as long as they were undertaken during the respective 2 year renewal period.

When undertaking any of the resources available within the above mentioned SEU Toolkit – always ensure to be logged in to your Scrum Alliance account (ie when reading a Scrum Alliance article, watching a webinar etc). The SEUs available for each item that you undertake will then be automatically registered against your renewal requirements in your account.

Alternatively, to register SEU’s that are earned from activities outside of the SEU Toolkit, there are 3 simple steps to follow:

1. Log into your Scrum Alliance member account at
2. Hover over ‘Hello, <Your Name>’ in the top right corner of the screen
3. Click ‘Manage SEUs’ under the calculator icon.