As individuals, teams and organisations, we’ve all experienced significant change in recent times – transforming the way that we work and interact with one another. This of course has resulted in a rise of online support resources, webinars etc, each showcasing the best tools available, and how to use and apply them.

But how many of these sessions truly address the main problem at hand?

As important as they are, the real key to overcoming the challenges that we face will not be found in the tools that we use, but instead in our ability and approach to translating our Agile ways of working into a contrasting world of fully dispersed teams.

A fundamental shift in mindset

Preserving Agility is therefore not simply a matter of using the new tools available, but is a fundamental shift in mindset. We can no longer rely on small co-located teams to be successful. Yet, enabling those individuals to work together when they are dispersed around the country, or globe, requires a new set of skills and a re-interpretation of much of what Agility really means.

Following the same Scrum events, but by video-conference, is simply not enough.

As Agilists we value people over process and recognise the need to build new structures to survive our uncertain times. We want to empower people to solve the new challenges they face with a renewed focus on Agile principles and values, and how they are applied with remote teams.

How to maintain real Agility

We recognise that everyone has had to pivot dramatically in recent times and take on new working practices, but potentially without the time or space to consider how to maintain real Agility in these new circumstances.

Therefore, alongside experienced Agile coaches and trainers, Matt Hosking and Tim Robinson, we’re offering a 2-hour online workshop specifically created to provide you with the knowledge and insights needed to build on your current Agile skillset, and better lead and support your teams through the current challenges that we all face.

From practical application, to potential pitfalls and anti-patterns – this interactive workshop is full of practical tips and techniques. You’ll come away from this course with specialist knowledge and a new confidence to help your teams succeed.

Remote Agility for Scrum Masters
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