How can we overcome the challenges that arise when delivering multiple projects and programmes all competing for resource and budget, while being expected to remain responsive to new demand?

SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) provides a way to structure and manage complex portfolios – removing bureaucracy, delivering benefits earlier and informing better decision making. The SAFe LPM course describes the tools and techniques required to implement LPM, including portfolio visualisation, demand management and the alignment of stakeholder groups.

Compared with other SAFe training, this course provides a deep dive into governance, planning, forecasting and budgeting – and how to practically apply and integrate these ideas to increase your Business Agility.

Who is this course for?

This is an advanced level course, aimed at the most senior and experienced individuals working on major change programmes or managing multi-product portfolios. The content is particularly relevant to anyone who participates within a portfolio, specifically those who are responsible for financial governance or hold key portfolio roles. This includes Head of PMOs, Agile PMOs, LACE members (Lean Agile Center of Excellence), RTEs as well as Traditional Programme Managers.

There will be an assumption that you are moving, or at least aiming, towards Business Agility – however this course is not necessarily exclusive to large scale agile transformations (something which is unique across the SAFe training portfolio). It is generally applicable to all forms of portfolio work, including traditional portfolios as well as those who manage large portfolios with distributed, virtual teams.

How is this course delivered?

Delivered by SAFe Remote Trainers – this course has been specifically developed for Live Online Training, and will combine the use of Zoom alongside virtual collaboration tools.

Centred around an interactive simulation of a portfolio collaboration, attendees will gain hands-on experience (via the course simulation) on how to capture the current and future state of their portfolio, and how to facilitate these important strategic conversations with their in-house stakeholders.

When is the next course date?

We’d be delighted if you can join us on our upcoming SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) 5.1 course. For an overview of the full content and topics covered during the course, and to book your place, simply click below.