Some people believe agile coaches should only coach, others believe we should give customers the answers they have paid us to give. But should we also be Training? Mentoring? Facilitating? Along with serving individuals, teams and the wider organisation in becoming the best that they can be?

With such a vast number of competencies required, it’s no surprise that there is no one size fits all approach to being an agile coach, or even knowing what kind of agile coach will suit you, and/or your organisation.

That is where the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel can help. Using the wheel and its underlying guidance you can quickly self asses where you are in each competency, and more importantly where you would like to be.

3 ways to use the wheel

1. Identify an area of improvement
Talk through each of the competency areas (the 8 spokes and 4 tread areas) with a colleague or peer. Use the guidance below to gain a high-level understanding of each area. It’s worth noting that you can’t improve everything at once, so instead select an initial area to work on, and really focus on that.

2. Reflect on a competency area
For each element within the competency area, go through the guidance and assess your own competency against the 5 levels of assessment. Some people will sell themselves short, others will overestimate their competence, so try to be consistent. Once you’ve completed this section, ask a peer what they think about your ratings.

3. Brainstorm options and generate actions
Use the wheel and its guidance to brainstorm options for growth. Take the findings from this activity, and formulate a plan of action that will enable you to achieve the desired growth.

(Click the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel to enlarge the image)

Why is this important?

As an Agile Coach – change starts with you. After all, how can we expect others to change if we don’t go first? That is why all our ICAgile courses start with self-reflection. Focusing on the agile coaching growth wheel, and delving even deeper to explore who you are and who you want to be.

What next?

Feel free to take the wheel and use it in any way you wish, adapting it as you go.

If you identify any areas that you want to improve, or if you want to understand the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel further then why not book yourself on to one of our upcoming ICAgile courses. Full course information, including a detailed overview of the topics covered can be found on the following links:

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