Case Study – Euromoney Institutional Investor (EII)

With a failed attempt at Agile adoption already behind them, Euromoney Institutional Investor (EII) wanted rapid success, and appointed agil8 to accelerate Agile implementation.

Client Background

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC is a FTSE 250 with revenues in excess of £400m. It encompasses close to 100 international specialist businesses, with over 2500 employees based in London, New York, and Hong Kong.


The Challenge

Euromoney Institutional Investor’s (Ell) traditional waterfall method of software development was simply no longer fit for purpose. The ‘assembly line’ approach, often with lead times of well over 12 months, and Product Managers involved only at the beginning and the end, delivered solutions that were late to market, unfit for purpose and error prone due to a squeezed testing phase. Internal customer satisfaction was low, and relations between technology and business teams strained.

“Our previous methodologies were built around sign-off, accountability, responsibility and handover which naturally lead to finger pointing, blame and failure.”

Ken Lehmann – Rollout Lead
(Euromoney Institutional Investor)

Agil8’s Approach

Following an assessment of EII’s needs, a tailored programme of Agile consultancy, coaching and bespoke training was delivered by David Hicks (CEO of agil8). This encompassed:

  • An initial 2-day workshop for the whole Agile team, including off-shore third-party developers

  • 2-week Sprints to deliver the solution incrementally

  • Monthly, bespoke Agile Clinics to increase levels of knowledge sharing

  • Introduction of the ‘Scrum of Scrums’, to manage the dependencies between projects

  • Implemented a just-in-time training approach, whereby teams would only be trained at the point a project was ready to kick-off

  • All individuals from those teams also attended agil8’s Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training courses

Impact and Outcomes

EII saw major improvements across all of the core business areas in a short period of time. However, it was the cultural and attitudinal changes that were perhaps the most satisfying and resulted in renewed focus on the external customer. This included:

  • Internal customer satisfaction dramatically improved, resulting in increased productivity from individuals and teams

  • Highly motivated internal and third-party Development Teams, who are far more empowered and engaged

  • Teamwork within Technology Teams, and with their business colleagues, has been transformed into a positive collaborative relationship; resulting in a drop in the outsourcing to external suppliers

  • Internal and external customers are receiving important new products much sooner and more regularly via more frequent releases

“In the face of significant challenges around organisational structure, location, and culture, the Agile rollout is regarded as a huge success at Euromoney – and agil8 were critical to that success.”

Ken Lehmann – Rollout Lead (Euromoney Institutional Investor)