Kyria Ltd Case Study

Since adopting Scrum a number of years ago, Kyria have successfully delivered a wide range of software projects. However, there were still aspects of implementation that were proving to be challenging, and agil8 were engaged to deliver a bespoke package of in-house training.

Client Background

Part of the CCL Group, Kyria specialise in the Logistics and Energy sectors. In close collaboration with CCL, Kyria have developed a number of applications for use in-house and by customers, designed to unlock the business benefits of closer integration between all partners in the logistics chain.


The Challenge

Kyria have been using Scrum effectively for several years to manage the focus and distribution of work within the workplace, and have successfully delivered a variety of software projects during that time.

However, throughout their Agile implementation, they continued to experience a number of challenges when applying certain elements of Scrum. They were keen to address this, with a real desire to improve and deliver even higher quality software in a shorter period of time.

“David’s enthusiasm for Agile and Scrum was contagious and his hands-on approach to teaching meant everyone got involved and felt included.

We spent a lot of the time working in teams to tackle problems and come up with ideas and solutions for real projects that we are working on.”

Simon Heptinstall – Kyria Ltd

Agil8’s Approach

To enable Kyria to overcome these challenges, agil8’s training consultant David Putman delivered a bespoke 2-day training programme that was completely tailored to the unique needs of the company:

  • Day 1 – Extensive Agile and Scrum Awareness overview, focusing on all aspects of the Scrum process, from defining the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team to the planning and organising of Sprints

  • Day 2 – A totally bespoke and customised workshop, based on priority areas (determined from day 1) that were less effective and needed improvement/resolution

  • Tailored advice and coaching from David Putman on how to resolve these issues and impediments to achieve their objectives

“After the workshop, everyone felt energised to make changes to how they work and to more closely follow the approaches of Agile as outlined by David.”
(Simon Heptinstall – Kyria Ltd)

Impact and Outcomes

After spending 2 days with David Putman, Kyria have since experienced many benefits:

  • A greater emphasis on direct communication – replacing regular meetings held over the phone, with face to face meetings

  • Utilising physical working space to force greater collaboration and unity

  • Improved daily stand-ups, utilising post-it notes on walls for Sprints, rather than exclusively relying on Visual Studio Online

  • A stronger focus on ROI as the key to prioritisation for both development work and continuous improvement actions

  • Re-affirmed Kyria’s commitment to working in an atmosphere of shared learning and collaboration

  • Increased motivation and ability to harness the techniques of Agile and Scrum to deliver better software to the Product Owners


“One of the best course facilitators that I’ve experienced. The fact that David also knew code was a definite advantage. There was so much more to learn that I wanted to go faster – but I think David judged it just right to take along the whole group. Excellent job!”

Howard Perkins, Managing Director (Kyria Ltd)