Case Study – System C Healthcare

“Ultimately the transformation has been very successful. Agil8 were instrumental in enabling us to effectively implement large scale Agile.”

System C HealthCare - Case Study

Client Background

System C Healthcare is a leading supplier of specialist health and social care software. It specialises in providing the UK National Health Service, and the wider health and social care sectors, with robust, modern IT solutions that are easy to use and help care professionals deliver real improvements in efficiency and quality of care.



The Challenge

The System C product portfolio and code base had expanded significantly in recent years through a combination of internal development and acquisition. This resulted in a suite of products with varying complexities and maturities, and a large distributed development team with historically different cultures and development approaches.

The company used aspects of Agile to manage these challenges, but the need for ever tighter integration of products across the portfolio, working at scale across multiple teams, meant that the planning and release cycles were becoming increasingly complex to manage.

A more modern Agile development approach was therefore needed, and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) was identified as the most suitable method to adopt.

“We had already implemented Agile to a certain extent, with 14 Agile teams in place across the organisation – but we were aware that we needed a more formal approach to the use of Agile, with standardised interpretations of Scrum, and aligned release cycles.

“SAFe allowed us to run a layer over the top of all our Agile teams and practices, and aligned both our implementation of Scrum and our planning and release cadence across the organisation so that identifying and managing our dependencies became a business as usual (BAU) activity.”

Darren Wedgwood, Product Development Director
(System C Healthcare) 

Agil8’s Approach

A bespoke programme of consulting, coaching and training was delivered by agil8, enabling System C Healthcare to successfully implement Scaled Agile. This encompassed:

  • Delivering Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training to the Development Teams and Product Management Teams

  • Delivering SAFe Agilist: Leading SAFe training to the entire Leadership Team

  • Designing and facilitating quarterly Programme Increments (PI) Planning Events

  • Assisting the Product Management Team, Architects and Development Teams to prepare the Product Backlog ahead of the PI Planning Events

  • Performing the Release Train Engineer (RTE) role, while coaching and empowering an in-house RTE as part of a phased withdrawal (Release Planning Event with 100 people)

Impact and Outcomes

  • Company-wide alignment to a single set of agreed Programme Increments (PI)

  • Fully established Agile Release Train (ART) Planning

  • Improved internal communication and collaboration across companies and between teams

  • Increased adaptability throughout the organisation to respond to continual change

“One of our primary requirements was to have an all-encompassing Agile provider who could seamlessly deliver a full 360 service of training, consulting and coaching – agil8 did just that. Ultimately the transformation has been very successful. Agil8 were instrumental in enabling us to effectively implement large scale Agile.”

Darren Wedgwood – Product Development Director (System C Healthcare)