Acquiring SEUs for CSP – and Agile Workshop Facilitation

Many of our past students express an interest in the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) qualification, and so recently we sent an email to them all providing  further information about requirements – some useful reference information in order to help them  acquire those illusive 70 Scrum Education Units (SEUs)  and  support  their  CSP application. A copy of the email is shared below. We  will  follow up this first email, in a series, with supplementary emails with additional advice so do get in touch if  you would like to be added to the mailing list ( We would  also like to recommend one of our upcoming courses which is eligible for Category B SEUs. Our Agile Workshop Facilitation course, taking place on 25-26 April, is one of two Scrum Alliance-approved Advanced Agile courses (the other being the Agile Analysis and Story Writing course) and, our April course coming up will be... Read More

Tardis Estimating

Here’s a rough diagram of the UK mainland. I know it’s not the best representation you’ve ever seen but I’m only using it to demonstrate a point about estimating, not to give lessons on UK geography. If we were asked to use this to estimate the distance around the coast of the UK mainland, we could take a piece of string, put it around the outline of the picture and then measure the piece of string, just like the red line in the second diagram below. “Well, that’s not very helpful!” you say. Is it not? Doesn’t it actually tell us quite a bit? For example, It tells us it’s unlikely I’ll be able to swim that distance in a day. Which, if our intention is to travel around the outside of the UK, is an important thing to know. It could very well inform us of the choices... Read More
The UK Tech Salary Guide 2017

The UK Tech Salary Guide 2017

Have you ever wondered if you’re being paid enough in your current tech role? Or perhaps you’re wondering what you could get in the future. This guide provides insight into the latest tech salaries. Hover over the bars to see the salary range for each position, the average salary and % increase on last... Read More
The Path to Tech CTO

The Path to Tech CTO

What does it take to become a Chief Technology Officer? See how some of the world’s top CTOs got their position. Hover over the steps below to see the career moves they took, how long they stayed in each job and how long it took them to reach... Read More

ScrumMaster Leadership Style?

The ScrumMaster role is often described as that of a “servant leader”. I often use the term myself, just as I did in this recent exchange with a customer on the agil8 LinkedIn Group. Bill : I was ScrumMaster for my team but found myself taking a directive/command-and-control approach due to the following: (1) the team were working in a fragmented fashion with no prioritisation of effort (2) the sprint plan wasn’t being maintained so items in build weren’t taken out of to-do and items ready for test were not communicated to those assigned to QA (3) our product owner was vague and spent more time on his phone than articulating a clear vision (4) there was no steady cadence in terms of the work I found myself having to advise to to set WiP limits for the various phases and then employ swarming when bottle-necks started to occur.... Read More

Agile with Mainframe Legacy Systems

Teams working on mainframe legacy systems tend to be less agile than those working with more modern technologies, because of the challenges they face with test automation, refactoring and the overall pace at which development can proceed. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this, as I recently pointed out to a past student who asked me this question on the agil8 LinkedIn Group: Michael : At our company we use CLOAS as our mainframe system and it tends not to lend itself to well to agile within the dev team as they feel we re-visit the same code again too often with the agile approach. The mainframe system is very old and most if not all requirements up front does suit development work better. Can you recommend anyway we can introduce agile into this environment? David Hicks : Many of the specific challenges of being agile with CICS... Read More