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  • Continuous Integration – Don’t just kick the can further down the road

    Following my previous blog on Extreme Programming, I wanted to talk about another XP practice, Continuous Integration or CI as it is popularly known. CI is one of the most valuable practises you can bring to a development team and because of that it has become almost a mainstream activity with nearly every team I meet practicing it. Or at least claiming to practice it, as there are some very common misconceptions about CI that I’d like to discuss here. In my last post, you may remember we talked about the definition of Working Software coming from XP: “Software that passes customer-defined tests in a production (or production-like) environment.” Known in Scrum as “Done”. If your work is not passing the acceptance tests you agreed with your customer in the production environment, or an environment that is as identical to the production environment as to make no difference, there is a risk that it will come back to you. In other words, if your work does not meet this criteria, it is not yet completely integrated. This brings me to a conversation, a very common conversation, that happens in pretty much every Certified Scrum Developer course I run. The conversation […]

Rickard Jones

Agil8 Associate, Rickard Jones, is an experienced Agile Coach, Learning and Development Agile Trainer, Agile Program Lead, and one of the authors of the AgileHR Manifesto.

Before becoming an Agile program lead/coach/trainer, he has been a Java developer, programme manager, change manager, project manager, development manager, scrum master, infrastructure manager, and agile transformation lead. He is also an international conference speaker.

Despite an unhealthy obsession with learning (see below!), going on as many courses as possible to continue his journey of coaching, he believes nothing beats a culture of in-the-field experience. His experience crosses a wide range of organisations, but with a specialisation over the last 17 years in the Financial Services industry.

Rickard runs the Management 3.0 course and is also a Founder and Co-organiser of the Scrum Alliance endorsed MeetUp, Scrum Event.

Rickard holds the following Agile Certifications:
CAL1 – Certified Agile Leadership
CSP – Certified Scrum Professional
CLP – Certified LeSS Practitioner
ICP-ACC – Certified Professional in Agile Coaching
SPC4 – Certified SAFe Program Consultant
You can connect with Rickard via LinkedIn here.