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  • Component Teams vs Feature Teams

    There’s nearly always too much work. Certainly there is often too much work for one team. Considering the optimum team size (in Scrum) is between 5 and 9 people, it doesn’t take much of a backlog to require us to have multiple teams. When this is the case, it introduces the problem of how to divide the work up between the teams. The two most common ways I’ve seen teams organised are as Component Teams and Feature Teams – but which is the best way of organising your company? This is an area that is often debated. They are contrasting approaches to software delivery and I’ve heard many arguments in favour of each. Let’s have look at them. Component Teams Component Teams are considered to be made up of experts that specialise in a specific domain and they are focused only on the knowledge and technology related to their domain. It ’stands to reason’ that if there is an area of complexity needing work performed on it on a regular basis, we should have a team dedicated to it. Common examples are the user interface (UI) or the database (DB), we may well have a team for each of those. […]

Tom Reynolds

With over 25 years experience of working in IT, Tom prides himself on being a “passionate, self-driven, energetic Agile Coach, Trainer and Change Agent.” Tom has a proven track record delivering scalable enterprise software to major blue chip clients, as well as a proven ability to guide teams and organisations to help them to adapt to life in an agile environment.

Tom’s career has covered roles including development, analysis, testing and project management, on systems as diverse as order processing, stock control, warehouse management and retail point of sale.

During the past 10 years Tom has focused entirely on Agile ways of working and on the mindset change that is required to become truly agile; with this in mind Tom formed his own business ‘The Agile Mindset’ and has worked across Europe with teams and organisations providing a mix of training, coaching and mentoring to help them in their Agile adoption.

During his career Tom has worked within the financial services industry, with leading software houses and with several popular high street retailers, including:

  • The Arcadia Group
  • Waitrose
  • Grand Vision
  • Clas Ohlson

Tom is also a qualified trainer and able to teach in colleges of further education.  He holds the following Agile certifications:

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