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PI Planning Facilitation Service

How will you benefit?

The SAFe® Implementation Roadmap provides a proven approach for companies adopting the Scaled Agile Framework®. A key milestone in scaling up agility of multiple teams is their first Agile Release Train (ART) Program Increment (PI) planning event.

PI planning is a quarterly (8-12 week) planning event for all the stakeholders and agile team members (business and technolgy) of an Agile Release Train. The purpose of the PI planning event is to create alignment on business and technology vision, priorities and capacity allocation (business and enabler technology features) of an Agile Release Train. A secondary but equally valuable outcome is to increase transparency of cross-team and external dependencies, risks that can derail delivery of critical business milestones.

By having our expert facilitators accompany your in-house Release Train Engineers, Product management and Architects, you can ensure that your first PI launch accomplishes the desired outcomes and puts your train on track. To read more about the SAFe implementation roadmap, please visit

What will you receive?

During the 2-day facilitated PI planning event, our expert facilitators will take the role of the RTE and Scrum Masters, shadowing your in-house people in those roles, so that you have assurance to achieve outcomes of the PI planning day. You will have the option to order our extensive PI readiness assessment service to ensure that the 4 weeks before your first PI planning event are spent effectively on preparing the necessary content alignment, capacity plans and team and organisational structure required to succeed with your first Program increment.

Specific agenda items and facilitation during a PI planning event:

  • Introduction to the agenda and to the outcomes of the PI planning event by an agil8 RTE
  • Executive presentations on Business and Technology vision, roadmap and architectural enablers, NFRs
  • Facilitation of team planning time-box – story refinement, estimation, iteration loading and dependency management (Draft plans and Program Board)
  • Facilitation of Day 1 Executive Problem-solving workshop
  • Facilitation of Day 2 team planning time-box based on scope changes, re-allocations. Focusing on the right level of detail, cross-team collaboration.
  • Facilitation of stakeholder alignment via business value allocation and final plan review
  • Facilitation of plan summaries and a PI planning retrospective


Who is this aimed at?
  • A Portfolio team where the first Agile release train has been identified with relatively low agile maturity of many stakeholders – eg. Newly appointed scrum masters, new Release Train Engineer, new Product Owners, Product teams with little previous agile experience
  • Internal Release Train managers who would like to receive guidance and support of experienced RTEs
  • Existing agile organisations who have recently shifted to a SAFe framework-aligned model of delivery
  • Highly distributed agile release trains where external facilitators with decades of multi-team, multi-location online Program increment planning experience would be beneficial
Are there any prerequisites?

Attending the 2 day SAFe Agilist: Leading SAFe course and/or a SAFe Practitioner: SAFe for Teams course is highly recommended for the entirety of the participating Agile Release Train. A foundation level, few months of practical agile delivery experience (SCRUM, Kanban or similar) for all your agile teams is necessary to succeed with your first PI planning event.

We also offer a PI readiness maturity assessment as an additional service. This is often a beneficial addition in order to ensure that you have the necessary organisational, content, people and process readiness in place before you proceed to your first PI planning event.