Agile Analysis and User Story Workshop

What is this course?

Live Online Training
The delivery of this course has been adapted into a live online training format with added focus on how to work using agile with remote team members.

Utilising live video, alongside our bespoke online training platform (unique to agil8), we’re able to replicate the interactive nature of our face-to-face training within a virtual environment. As such, individuals can undertake this training from their home, or any other remote location.


Course Content
This hands-on workshop provides an in-depth understanding of user stories within an Agile context through both knowledge sharing and practical exercises. We will explore the lifecycle of a story, from how it is created to how we know it is ‘done’. It is aimed at those with or without prior knowledge and/or experience of Agile.

You will leave the session with the tools you need to create, refine and manage excellent, appropriate user stories and use them effectively.

This workshop is highly interactive and we actively encourage participants to bring along ‘troubled’ stories they may have, so that they can be discussed and improved.

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What will you learn?

The 2 day Agile Analysis and User Story workshop will give you an in-depth understanding of User Stories in order that you can:

  • Fully understand how User Stories are created or ‘harvested’
  • Understand roles and their relevance to user stories
  • Create appropriately sized, quality user stories
  • Deal effectively with dependencies between stories
  • Understand how you can create User Stories for bugs, technical issues and non-functional requirements
  • Understand and use at least two methods for estimating stories
  • Identify common issues with User Stories and deal with them appropriately

What our delegates say

“The recent user story course I’ve just completed was comprehensive, well planned and expertly delivered. David Putman is a very affable, knowledgeable and capable instructor.”
Mark Darbyshire (MJD Management Services Ltd)
Agile Analysis and User Story Workshop with David Putman

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Meet your trainers

David Putman
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Shaun SmithShaun Smith
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What topics will be covered?

You can expect the following topics to be covered during the course:

  • Why use User Stories
  • How to write good User Stories
  • How to identify and collect User Stories
  • Identifying User Roles and Personas
  • Creating User Stories with Acceptance Criteria
  • Creating a User Story Map
  • How to refine User Stories
  • Reviewing User Stories against INVEST Criteria
  • Splitting Stories
  • How to prioritise and order User Stories
  • Definition of ‘Done’
  • How to estimate User Stories
  • Applying User Stories more widely
  • Non-functional requirements

In addition, given the instructor’s substantial experience and knowledge working with stories, you will also have the opportunity to create, assess and improve on User Stories through a number of practical exercises.

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