What is this course?

Participants will be introduced to the facilitation of workshops for business in an Agile context through a highly participative and practical training style. Topics are introduced through facilitated sessions where possible in order to maximise demonstration and experience of useful techniques. Each delegate will also be able to observe, participate in and practice facilitation of workshops within a supportive environment and share feedback for further development. For more experienced or those with a particular issue, there is scope to explore specific areas of interest within facilitation, if desired.

Workshop sessions can be run on targeted areas of interest or to explore particular skills. The flexibility of this approach allows more material to be covered and the course to be tailored to participants’ specific needs or organisational culture. Topics could include:

  • Aspects of Agile development – release/sprint planning, requirements prioritisation, kick-off
  • Organisational change, strategy, process reconciliation post-merger
  • Determining effective environmentally friendly office practices and office environments

Feedback is collected in the form of specific tips for all the participants in the group so that practical advice can be shared among the group members.

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What will you learn?

The 2 day Agile Facilitation workshop will give you an in-depth understanding of workshop facilitation within the specific Agile context in order that you can:

  • Plan, prepare and facilitate Agile workshops
  • Generate ideas
  • Solve problems
  • Prioritise issues arising
  • Facilitate decision making
  • Create agreed action plans
What topics will be covered?

You can expect the following topics to be covered during the course:

  • What is facilitation? definition, benefits and applications
  • Facilitator role, responsibilities and characteristics of an effective facilitator
  • Other roles involved
  • Process: planning, preparation and follow-up, in addition to running a workshop
  • The dynamics of the workshop flow, the group and their facilitation
  • Recognising and managing behaviours, group dynamics and interpersonal skills
  • A selection of workshop techniques covering:
    • Idea generation
    • Problem solving
    • Prioritisation and decision making
    • Action planning
  • Facilitator development and available qualifications
What will you receive?
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