Certified Agile HR Practitioner

What is this course?

Our “Agile HR Practitioner” certificate course is designed for HR professionals who are part of an Agile HR transformation and want to become more knowledgeable about the world of Lean / Agile. During the two-day course, attendees will experience Agile ways of working and gain a solid understanding of Lean / Agile and its impact on and potential for Human Resources.

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What will you learn?

  • Understand the paradigm of the new world of work and experience agile
  • Appreciate the Agile HR Manifesto and Principles
  • Comprehend Lean | Agile People Operations and the new role of HR
  • Recognise the importance and impact of Lean | Agile for HR
  • Gain insights from practical examples, best practices, and case studies
  • Understand the challenges and drawbacks of traditional HR in modern organisations
  • Be able to challenge your current people approach and apply a Lean / Agile mindset
  • Develop ability to set up HR for success and deliver value for the agile enterprise
  • Gain skills and toolbox for a successful transformation
What topics will be covered?

Day 1

  • The new world of work and its challenges
  • A Lean | Agile chronicle and discovery
  • The Lean | Agile HR Manifesto and Principles
  • The new role of HR in the Agile Enterprise
  • Lean | Agile HR Themes

Day 2

  • Organising HR around value
  • Delivering value in an iterative, agile way
  • Exploration and analysis of practical examples, best practices, and case studies
  • The Agile HR transformation journey and how to get started
What will you receive?
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