Remote Agility for Scrum Masters

What is this course?

Live Online Training
(Course Time: 2-4pm UK (BST); 3-5pm CET; 8-10am CDT; 9-11am EDT)

The world has seen significant change in recent months that will transform the way we interact and work with each other forever. In these turbulent times, limiting face-to-face contact isn’t just common sense; in many cases it is now mandatory.

Agil8 recognise that not everyone has had the opportunity to learn the skills needed to maintain business continuity and value delivery under these constraints, and so this course, led by experienced agile coaches / trainers, Matt Hosking and Tim Robinson, will provide an opportunity to learn the key skills and techniques needed to be successful in properly supporting remote teams through the current challenges they face.

Course Content
You are already confident with agile ways of working and are comfortable using face-to-face skills to lead and support your team, however translating that into the world of remote working will be more challenging. This workshop will provide you with agile insights, practical skills and tools that will enable you to have the confidence to encourage and empower your teams remotely.

From practical application, to potential pitfalls and anti-patterns, you’ll come away from this course with tools, practices and a new confidence to help your teams to succeed.

This highly interactive course will use collaboration tools from the outset, giving you immediate exposure to great tooling, whilst experienced trainers will share emergent good practices that enable teams to thrive in a remote and virtual world.

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What will you learn?

This short course will provide a sound understanding of:

  • The psychology of isolation and remote team working
  • Good practices that embody an agile mindset and support the team’s health and productivity (e.g. running your stand-up at the end of the day: marking the end to the working day is a great practice and maintains a work/home balance)
  • Anti-patterns, gotcha’s and mistakes
  • Team coaching to address your specific concerns, not just canned, generic answers
  • A cohort of journey persons able to support each other to grow
What topics will be covered?

The following topics will be covered during this short course:

  1. Psychological effects of remote working and isolation
  2. How to re-frame the agile principles and scrum for successful remote delivery
  3. Protecting the team, whilst considering others in their environment
  4. The team charter; adapting or renewing it to cater for new working practices
  5. Communication mediums; when to use what in order to communicate with each other
  6. Supporting your team day-to-day, and how to deal with conflict
  7. Staying focused, and how to effectively balance home life and work life
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