Agile Executive Briefing

What is this course?

Whether you are new to Agile with a basic understanding of its principles, or have already spent time involved with practitioners talking about or implementing an Agile approach; ensuring success with this very different way of working can be a daunting prospect. You understand that the benefits of ‘going agile’ include improving quality, productivity and time to market, but how does this happen in practice? And how can you ensure that these improvements are realised? If you have not undertaken Agile Training with a formally Certified ‘Scrum’ Trainer then you may be missing key knowledge and skills that will enable you to make the most of the opportunities afforded by effective implementation of Agile principles and practices.

The standard one day Agile Executive briefing explains Agile, its benefits, rationale and risks, theory and foundations right through to practical application and pitfalls. It is an essential introduction for those new to Agile from a leadership perspective who would like to learn more in order to be most effective as their organisation is on its Agile journey. Depending on delegate availability and appetite this briefing can be compressed to a half-day session, or expanded to 2 days with extra detail and practical activities.

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What will you learn?

This briefing will give you the understanding of Agile principles and practices required so that you can:

  • Excel as an Agile Leader
  • Take a leading role in the Transformation of your organisation
  • Understand and explain the rationale, benefits and risks of Agile to others
  • Understand and explain the various popular Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban to others
  • Participate effectively in Agile Meetings where necessary (e.g. Release Planning, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective)
  • Help your team or organisation to transition to a more Lean and Agile way of working
What topics will be covered?

Rationale and benefits

  • The Lean roots of Agile, The Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles
  • Agile ‘empirical’ management vs traditional management
  • Applicability, benefits and risks of Agile
  • The leading Agile Methods – Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile etc.

The essential Agile Framework

  • Agile “Scrum” process of Sprints, Kanban-based workflow
  • Key Agile Roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster and Team
  • Artifacts: Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog, Definition of Done
  • Management Meetings: Planning, Reviews, Retrospectives

The Agile Enterprise

  • Large-scale Agile Product / Service Organisation
  • Agile Governance, Programme and Portfolio Mgmt

Successful Agile Transformation and Delivery

  • Leading the Agile Organisation and Transformation
  • Designing and Creating Agile Team Structures
  • Defining Products and product Ownership at scale
  • Embedding Agile thinking into the organisation, its processes, structures, mindset and culture
What will you receive?
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