Certified Agile Leadership

What is this course?

Live Online Training
To overcome the challenges currently associated with attending in-person training, agil8 have adapted the delivery of this course into a live online training format with added focus on how to work using agile with remote team members.

Utilising live video, alongside online collaboration tools, we’re able to replicate the interactive nature of our face-to-face training within a virtual environment. As such, individuals can undertake this training from their home, or any other remote location.


Course Content
In this online, highly-interactive, leadership-focused course we focus on building the skills and competencies to become a more effective leader in an Agile context, to coach and lead your organisations to perform more effectively in this fast-paced and uncertain environment.

Upcoming Course Dates

Location Start date Price ex VAT
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London - Chancery Lane 06 Dec - 2 days £1495Karim Harbott
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Live Online Training 26 Jan - 2 days £1195*Karim Harbott
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Live Online Training 23 Feb - 2 days £1195*Karim Harbott
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What will you learn?

The learning objectives for this course are delivered over a mixture of student preparations as well as virtual lectures and exercises. Attendees will learn:

  • How the changing business climate has led to the need for greater agility
  • How to lead in a climate of high complexity and rapid change
  • An overview of The Six Enablers of Business Agility
  • Two frameworks for becoming a more effective leader
  • Neuroscience for leaders
  • How to diagnose and shift organisational culture
  • How to design an organisation for responsiveness, customer- centricity and fast feedback
  • How to create high- engagement, motivation and learning through 21st century HR policies
  • How effective governance policies can enhance agility through experimentation and guardrails
  • How to set up, and lead the change using the Business Agility Canvas

What our delegates say

“The training was highly interactive and gave us the chance to understand and practice how different kinds of managers think and behave. We also learnt how to explain and drive organizational changes.”
Heiko Richter
Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) – Live Online Training with Karim Harbott

Meet your trainers

Karim Harbott
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What topics will be covered?

Based around course trainer (Karim Harbott’s) up-coming book, The 6 Enablers of Business Agility, the course topics will include:

  • An introduction to enabling leadership styles
  • Organisational cultures
  • Structures, and policies which give organisations the adaptiveness to survive and thrive, in an increasingly complex and volatile landscape.

This Agile Leadership training course provides practical guidance in all of these areas for continuously improving your organisation.

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